ArtistDavid ShrubsoleAlbumBeauty In DecayLabelNational Theatre Production MusicCat.No.NT015

Small Ensemble Pieces featuring Cello and Piano.

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The Beauty That Still RemainsDavid Shrubsole
Steady, sweet dramatic cello reciting over a supportive piano. 1.11 onwards piano alone.
The Beauty That Still Remains – David Shrubsole
(Original Mix)
The Beauty That Still Remains - Variation 1David Shrubsole
Solemn and Sentimental Cello Over Soft Keys.
The Beauty That Still Remains - Variation 1 – David Shrubsole
(Variation 1)
Cycle Of DaysDavid Shrubsole
Lamenting cello over piano chords. Distant melancholic feel.
Cycle Of Days – David Shrubsole
(Original Mix)
Cycle of Days - variation 1David Shrubsole
Sweet and Sincere Cello Singing Over Present Piano.
Cycle of Days - variation 1 – David Shrubsole
(Variation 1)
Darkest MomentsDavid Shrubsole
Gently plucked strings and mournful flute melody. Quiet and sad.
Darkest Moments – David Shrubsole
(Original Mix)
Natural CompanionDavid Shrubsole
Sweet and sometimes Melancholic Melodic Strokes move together in Gliding motion.
Natural Companion – David Shrubsole
(Original Mix)
Loneliness and LongingDavid Shrubsole
Sombre Confession drawn in Dramatic Melodic Statement, with beautiful bowed and plucked strings arrangement.
Loneliness and Longing – David Shrubsole
(Original Mix)
Come Gentle NightDavid Shrubsole
Poignant, sad flute, piano and tolling bell. Ave Maria sung by choir at 0.42. Rising gentle intensity.
Come Gentle Night – David Shrubsole
(Original Mix)
These Sad ThingsDavid Shrubsole
Sad, poignant violin opening over choral drone. Lovely development at 2.07 with entwining flute and violin. Lovers and beauty. Elegance and grace.
These Sad Things – David Shrubsole
These Sad Things – David Shrubsole
Italian LamentDavid Shrubsole
Simple guitar and female voice. Renaissance, operatic style song. Love and sadness. Gentle and delicate, yearning and beauty.
Italian Lament – David Shrubsole
(Original Mix)
All That Has Been TakenDavid Shrubsole
Stark, echoing, frayed nerves. Violin notes, poignant piano, and accordion waltz. Nostalgia, loss, sadness.
All That Has Been Taken – David Shrubsole
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