ArtistDavid ShrubsoleAlbumThe LoversLabelNational Theatre Production Music
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Darkest MomentsDavid Shrubsole
Quiet Sad Moan with Rapidly Fading Plucked Strings.
Darkest Moments – David Shrubsole
(Original Mix)
From the album The Lovers
Hearts Take Solitary Flight - OpeningDavid Shrubsole
Hearts Take Solitary Flight - Opening – David Shrubsole
(Original Mix)
    From the album The Lovers
    Natural CompanionDavid Shrubsole
    Sweet and sometimes Melancholic Melodic Strokes move together in Gliding motion.
    Natural Companion – David Shrubsole
    (Original Mix)
    From the album The Lovers
    Loneliness and LongingDavid Shrubsole
    Sombre Confession drawn in Dramatic Melodic Statement, with beautiful bowed and plucked strings arrangement.
    Loneliness and Longing – David Shrubsole
    (Original Mix)
    From the album The Lovers
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