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Boys In The RainBrazil Allstars
High Fives with Handclaps and 80's Deep Synths. Refrain at 1.15 builds up again by 1.51.
Boys In The Rain – Brazil Allstars
From the album Fah Fah Fuse (TT011)
Jeep Mix
Footwork First – Brazil Allstars
(Jeep Mix)
From the album Fah Fah Fuse (TT011)
Little Back FlipsBrazil Allstars
Energetic samba with smooth vocal stabs and a clean electronic edge lounge from 1.01. Refrain at 4.30. Deconstructive fading.
Little Back Flips – Brazil Allstars
(Original Mix)
From the album Brazil Base
Samba DialBrazil Allstars
Rhythmic Section opening. 0.24 Funky Spacey Brazilian Groove. Refrain at 1.49 and 1.56. Fast, Energetic and Joyful Spirit.
Samba Dial – Brazil Allstars
(Original Mix)
From the album Brazil Base
Short SuadeBrazil Allstars
Progressive instrumentation layering via brazilian motifs. Refrain at 0.24. Leading Melodic Flute. 1.30 new begining. Tropical variations on Happy Flute Theme.
Short Suade – Brazil Allstars
(Original Mix)
From the album Brazil Base
Sugar SachetBrazil Allstars
Blend of acoustic instruments, electronic clavinet and a bed of stable synth in Lively Candombe Rhythm. Brass enriching texture at 2.24. Bass singing at 3.52. Energetic and danceable.
Sugar Sachet – Brazil Allstars
(Original Mix)
From the album Brazil Base
Up And SideBrazil Allstars
Energetic Brazilian Scat with Funky Stabs. Rhythmic Vocal Opening and Lead. Percussive Take Over from 2.08
Up And Side – Brazil Allstars
(Original Mix)
From the album Wonderflash (TT008)
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