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10 Tracks
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Cycle Of DaysDavid Shrubsole
Lamenting cello over piano chords. Distant melancholic feel.
Cycle Of Days – David Shrubsole
(Original Mix)
The Beauty That Still Remains - Variation 1David Shrubsole
Solemn and Sentimental Cello Over Soft Keys.
The Beauty That Still Remains - Variation 1 – David Shrubsole
(Variation 1)
The Beauty That Still RemainsDavid Shrubsole
Steady, sweet dramatic cello reciting over a supportive piano. 1.11 onwards piano alone.
The Beauty That Still Remains – David Shrubsole
(Original Mix)
Principia MathematicaDavid Shrubsole
Rapid harp under elegant flute and cello conversation. Lovely flow and balance with intriguing feel and beautiful resolutions. Slows at 0:59. Becomes more sombre with cello singing.
Principia Mathematica – David Shrubsole
From the album Light & Shade (NT019)
Alternative Mix
Afternoon Gallery – David Shrubsole
(Alternative Mix)
Afternoon Gallery – David Shrubsole
From the album Light & Shade (NT019)
Dappled In TimeDavid Shrubsole
Elegant, gracious cello and harp, with pretty flute melody.
Dappled In Time – David Shrubsole
From the album Light & Shade (NT019)
Days at Giverny – David Shrubsole
From the album Light & Shade (NT019)
Fading BridgeDavid Shrubsole
Pretty, elegant, flowing flute, harp and cello. Beautiful, lush landscape and artistry.
Fading Bridge – David Shrubsole
From the album Light & Shade (NT019)
Ancient GrudgeDavid Shrubsole
Tense and suspenseful introduction. Cello, female voices, and percussion. Feeling of expectation.
Ancient Grudge – David Shrubsole
(Original Mix)
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